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by Kentaro Yabuki How much you like this series will ultimately depend on what you're looking for here and your comfort level with extreme fanservice. Somewhere in the previous volumes the fanservice level went from about a six to a ten as far as the ecchi levels go. While the manga was never shy about any of this, it's gotten more and more intense as the series progressed beyond the first volume. You can't go a chapter without Rito accidentally exposing boobs and/or getting crotch shots (all of which are only barely censored) of the various female characters. At times I have to roll my eyes and wonder why this hasn't gone full hentai yet.

The story-line here isn't bad considering that this is more wank fodder than an actual tale to tell. It's relatively mild wank fodder when you figure that there's out and out hentai out there and Yabuki does tell a story here, but this manga's main intention is to titillate. It's very well illustrated wank fodder, though, which is what sets it apart from so many of the other stuff out there. Still, if you're looking for a more serious story then you'll be disappointed. What story we do have is good and is well-developed enough for its purpose, but it is mostly placed on the back burner at any given moment to allow for more fanservice and perverted situations.

I don't want this to sound like I hate the manga. Strangely enough, I don't. Normally I'm sort of dismissive about this type of stuff, but there's something very addictive about this manga. It also doesn't hurt that part of me really roots for Yabuki, that he's able to write about his characters without (hopefully) his bitch of an ex-wife dragging him through the court system. I'll elaborate more in the comments on why she deserves to be called every dirty name in the book, but needless to say that I'm glad to see that he can expand on these characters more, as he hadn't been planning to end the previous series so quickly.

All in all, this is something decent to check out if you're into ecchi manga and fanservice. I just have to warn you, some of the characters in here are pretty young, which sort of squicks me out whenever those scenes come up. There are some scenes here that pretty much eliminate any chance of this series coming out in the USA without some semi-heavy editing or elimination of chapters. (The chapters in question are some chapters in the previous volume that involve Rito getting turned into a pair of his sister's panties so he can find out what's wrong with her. Yeah. Good thing this is a comedic manga or the psychological trauma both siblings would go through after this would cripple them for life and involve the Japanese version of CPS.)

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