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by Gregory L. Norris Thirty-four of today’s top voices in terror take on the undulating hoards of a life form that knows no mercy—only the primitive urges to kill, destroy, and feed. They skitter through remote swamps and pine barrens; they slither up from the earth and creep through human civilization, determined to conquer our world and others; they crawl under and across our flesh, hungry, so very hungry…

From the Foreword, by screenwriter, director, and author Simon Rumley:

“The style of writing varies enormously as does the content of the stories but, perhaps, not too surprisingly, the overall quality is excellent. They jump around the globe and feature tales both contemporary and past. They range in form from vibrant body horror...to children's dark fantasy...to tales of the unexpected...to the dreamlike and almost Lynchian...

The largest compliment I think I can give this anthology is that it's made me want to write again; not a screenplay but a short story or a novel...If not similarly inspired to put pen to paper, dear reader, I hope you'll share my enthusiasm for these creepy tales, which will bug you in your sleep and throughout your waking day.”

“If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.”

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