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by David A. Carter A Perfect Bed—Time Read!

I've purchased almost every title in this series and have yet to be disappointed by any of them. My 8-year old son requests to read them again and again and again, and now that he's reading on his own - likes to read them to himself.

Now that he's older, he is also very careful not to tear the pop-ups, but I've got to admit that there are a few titles we've bought more than once. He probably got his first pop-up book at the age of two - and although the pop-ups are quite sturdy and made for little hands to enjoy - he did manage to tear a few of them. I think this is inevitable if you want to introduce your child to pop-up books at an early age, and since the pop-up books in this series are reasonably priced - I've been more than happy to replace the ones he was a little "too hands-on" with!

What do we like about the pop-ups? Each one is a work of art - you are never disappointed when you turn the page. The pop-ups are cute, colorful, creative, and most of all - FUN. The accompanying text on each page is also good - funny rhymes, silly sayings, and sometimes even a sing-a-long song.

Of all the pop-up books we own (and we probably have fifty or more - some dating back to the thirties and forties) these are the ones we enjoy the most. We've also bought several to give as gifts to my son's friends.

This particular book is perfect for reading to your little one at bedtime. He or she will love turning the pages, lifting the flaps and discovering the pop-up on each page and no matter how many times you read it together, the pop-ups never fail to surprise and delight!

Our other favorites are those by Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart and there are also some excellent Harry Potter & Star Wars pop-up books if you're a fan of either of those series.

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