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by Peter K. Smith This volume provides an authoritative and up-to-date overview of research and theory in childhood social development from preschool age to the onset of adolescence. Chapters are contributed by experts in the field from Australasia, Europe, and North America and cover 30 topics currently of importance in the field, in terms of research, applied research, and policy.

The Handbook starts with an historical overview and follows with major sections. The first focuses on a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Following sections address influences on development, the family context, the peer group, social skills and social cognition, play, helping and moral reasoning, as well as cooperation, competition, aggression, and bullying. These, in addition to the final section on children with special needs, make this volume appropriate for practitioners who deal with children as well as for college and university teachers, researchers, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Each chapter summarizes existing knowledge in the field, synthesizing the latest research in an accessible manner, whilst also highlighting areas of growing debate. Integration and coherence are provided by editorial commentaries prefacing each section.

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