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by Alice Holden Love Scores A Hit!

Amanda Lofton, daughter of an exceedingly wealthy merchant, has fashionable clothes, impeccable grooming, and dreamy brown eyes. What she doesn't have is a suitor who wants her love, not her money.

Meeting a blond stranger engaging in fisticuffs in a country meadow seems an act of providence. Amanda is smitten at first glance. Who is this tall Viking-like pugilist? None other than the honorable and penniless Rance Straughn, who is being urged by his family to court Amanda as a "bride of convenience" in order to solve his financial woes. But Rance Straughn would far rather earn his fortune in public boxing matches than marry. 'T would be a scandal if the ton uncovers a gentleman in the ring. Alas, 't will be far worse if an unconventional miss risks her reputation and comes out fighting with an audacious plan to bring the man of her dreams to the altar... after he cries "uncle" and surrenders his heart.

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