Writing Hit Country Song Lyrics PDF

by Eric Edstrom This breezy, easy-to-read, 6800 word eBooklet will teach you the fundamentals of writing lyrics for hit country songs.

The author has analyzed in detail hundreds of hit songs to find commonalities among them. This eBooklet distills that info to show you what makes hit songs tick. Topics covered are:

Introduction: Why song craft is important What Nashville is looking for (hint, it's great songs) Hit song structures (there are two of them and they're almost identical) Explanation of verses, prechorus, chorus, and bridge sections of songs How to work the angles to find fresh song concepts A tool that can save you a lot of time: Song Mapping Included are six tips for choosing hit concepts for country radio Learn about the importance of rhyme and avoiding cliches As a bonus, the author includes a critique questionnaire you can use to better evaluate your own songs

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