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by Doris Sanford It Must Hurt A Lot: A Child's book about death, by Doris Sandford, illustrated by Graci Evans, published by Multnomah Press, date of publication: 1986.

In this book a young boy must learn to deal with the death of his dog, named Muffin.The boy comes home from school and his mother tells him that the neighbors ran over his dog on accident.His puppy had been his friend his whole life.His mother wanted to get him a new puppy and his friends came over to try to take his mind off of his puppy.Several weeks went by and he did not want to eat or sleep because he missed his dog.His brother told him to stop being a baby and get over his dog.Finally, the boy found different secrets to share with his readers about how to deal with the death of his puppy.These secrets are "When I love lots I hurt lots," "My friends want to help.They just don't know how.""Everybody handles feelings in his own way."" If you love somebody tell him now." "I can help my friends when they hurt.""Good memories always stay."All of these secrets helped the boy to get over the loss of his dog.These are secrets that he is passing along to help people get through their losses too.

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