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by Elspeth Berry This innovative text combines extracts from leading cases and articles with expert author commentary in a concise and student-friendly format. It is the ideal resource for those new to the subject, providing students with a well-rounded, conceptualized understanding of EU law.
Extracts are clearly introduced and explained with critical questions to guide reading and help develop analytical skills ready for exams and further study. Each chapter includes further resources such as definitions, diagrams and review questions to help build students' understanding of the subject and support them throughout their course. Further reading and assessment questions are also included for each topic, aiding exam preparation and providing a useful springboard for further research and essay preparation.
Online Resources
This text is also supported by an Online Resource Centre which includes:
* An interactive timeline and map illustrating the development of the EU and providing essential background knowledge of the Union and its Member States
* Video clips from the European Commission showing key moments in EU legal history
* Updates from the authors allowing students to stay on top of key developments in EU law
* Self-test questions with instant feedback to help check understanding and assist with revision
* Outline answers to assessment questions to help develop essay and problem-solving skills ahead of exams

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