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by Kaushik Basu In today's complex and fast evolving environment, understanding India's economy is not just an intellectual challenge, but, with the country emerging as a major global player, also a requirement. The Oxford Companion to Economics in India (2007) was the first comprehensive A-Z guide to contemporary Indian economy. This new edition of the Companion has more than 80 revised entries that take into account recent developments in the field, policy changes, and latest data. It also includes about 25 fresh entries on topics that have grown in significance since the first edition came out, such as 'Growth during the Global Crisis', 'Financial Inclusion', 'Land Acquisition for Industry', and 'Unique Identification'. Culled from the collective wisdom of distinguished contributors, including economists, policymakers, and corporate chiefs, the volume provides diverse perspectives on of the trends and issues across various sectors of the Indian economy. More than 325 pertinent entries cover the evolution of the Indian economy from relative obscurity to an emergent global force.

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