Charm School Digital No 7 PDF

by Elizabeth Watasin

Sweetheart's Day might just mean the death of Bunny's love!
Dean is dead set to race Lucius the werewolf through the Demonic Gates and through Hell itself. Bunny is sworn by her witches' circle to not interfere. And Fairer Than is sharpening her sword just in case Dean does survive. Dean might win at every challenge coming her way but the big question remains: will she lose at Love?

"But there's more; her drawing has a wonderful and expressive range— now cartoony, now lively and human, now impressionistic and experimental. And the writing similarly ranges from comic to indignant, from Pogo-poetic to pathos."
—Bob’s Comics Reviews

A paranormal, lesbian romance that was nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum award:

Meet magical witch girl Bunny, a good teen witch happily attending Haunt High, drinking Ghost Shakes at Shivers, and dancing her supernatural midnights away at cemetery spook fetes. Dean is her perfect greaser, vampire girlfriend, but beyond hotrods and motorcycles lies something more in the Enchanted Forest: fairies. And even among such ancient, preternatural denizens, they've someone to fear, namely the notorious heart breaker and home wrecker, the dark fairy, Fairer Than.

Fairer Than: gorgeous, red-haired, stronger than a fairy ought to be, and smoldering in more ways than one. Her reputation has Daughters of the Faerie Court flee before her wake lest they fall for her charms. And there's a certain teen witch she'd like to charm, if only a certain vampire was out of the picture.

Dean: the coolest vampire greaser in Little Salem, ready to defend her girl and show her a great time–except when she's distracted by a dark fairy who threatens to take Bunny away.

Charm School by Elizabeth Watasin, an indie b/w comic book emulating the best in old school 50's pin-up art with a touch of girl romance style, or shoujo manga. Digitally retouched and re-lettered by Elizabeth Watasin. Rockabilly monsters meet fairy tale legends as paranormal hearts and heads collide.


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