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by Melina Gerosa Bellows Nat Geo Amazing! (a.k.a. National Geographic Amazing) is National Geographic as you've never seen it before—a celebration of the world's 100 most fascinating people, places, and things, showcased in a large-format, full-color trade paperback. 

The thrilling images, incredibly stories, and cutting-edge design of NATGEO Amazing! will have you doing double-takes at some of the most fascinating and fun information in the world, including Amazing Animals, Interesting People, Weird But True Facts, Ancient Discoveries with Modern Twists, Natural Wonders, and more! You'll find that truth is often stranger—and way more arresting—than fiction as you witness natural beauty, raw emotion, and odd phenomena through the discerning prism of the people who know the world best: National Geographic. We hope that each and every page inspires you to say the book's name: AMAZING!

Some of the amazing things you'll see:

• the true face of Golden King Tutankhamun revealed through DNA scans and forensic reconstruction
• all the letters of the alphabet on butterfly wings
• how New York City looked more than 400 years ago
• unlikely animal friendships, including the dog and the fish
• the adreneline-rushing sport of parkour and how it all began
• apes laugh when tickled and chimpanzees mourn their dead
• the real spiderman, who climbs skyscrapers without ropes
• that more people die from falling out of bed than from shark attacks
• the incredible story of the skydiving dog 90 more stories that will WOW you.

Nat Geo Amazing! will have no trouble grabbing your attention and never letting go. This 192-page collection of the world's most fascinating information is the must-have companion to a new National Geographic Channel series of the same name on Fridays at 7 PM (check local listings).

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