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by Reggie Joiner Update:

After giving a lot of thought to the principles and practices in this book, I decided to "upgrade" the rating from a 2 to a 3 star.My critique originally was pretty harsh, and maybe I started the book with false expectations about how it would handle the the idea of leading in the classroom.

Original Review:

This book wasn't bad.It just wasn't very good either.Main points of critique were that I was hoping for the word Jesus to show up more than once or twice in the book, but it seemed to assume much on the part of the small group leader.And it also assumed that the status quo of small group ministry to be the best and most effective.There were many one-liners that I thoroughly enjoyed, and the 5 strategies he puts forth are actually good, employable strategies.I just wish he addressed the gospel, and challenged the assumptions of current small group / family ministry structures.

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