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by A.M. Reynwood Trouble is brewing in the Capitol, and now the storm clouds have spread to Rune, the Second City. In order to escape the danger, the princess Iris must travel across the country to the Third City, Marblheim, but her escort isn't anything like she expected. Sergil, along with his band of misfits and outcasts, are charged with safeguarding Iris to Marblheim. The path they must take is a road not often traveled, a road riddled with dangers at every turn, and if one is not careful, one shall never reach their destination. But while the company is assailed on one side by Monsters - vicious and often grotesque abominations of nature - and the trials of survival through the deep Deadwood and merciless heat of the Desert, they are yet unaware of the threat that lurks in the shadows on the other. What is this malignance, and what purpose could it have with them? Iris knows her companions are keeping secrets from her, and she is determined to discover the truth, about them, and what happened nearly twenty years ago. Even if it means abandoning the road they are on when they are so close to the end, even if it means turning her back to her last hope of safety and walking right into the maw of the world's troubles. What she doesn't realize, though, is the hardship and sorrow that will be the result of her fateful decision.

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