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by Yua Kotegawa I like the idea, but that I have been finding with most stories that I have been reading these days is that it’s lacking in execution. The book just tosses interesting points and character interactions at you like they are just playing cards and all of the far too fast, they needed to slow down and let more build up happen. That was one of the reasons that I liked I”s it was a manga that spooned it out to you, but not in a way that was like COME ON GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. Every bite had such good flavor that you could savor it and didn’t have to wonder where your next meal was coming from.
I give it a 3 but I really should give it a 2. I have two more of the books sitting on the shelf, I kind of hope they finish in 4 because 1 I don’t think I could do a 5th book AND A.D.V. is dead and there won’t be anymore!

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