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by Sean Callery In this series that covers all of Earth's key habitats, each book reveals the life cycles of eleven animals which link together to create three different food chains. At the end of the book a simple overview helps readers understand how the three food chains interact to create a food web-the perfect first introduction to this core science concept. Nothing is more essential to life on earth than water, and the diversity of animals in global river habitats make this the perfect subject for a study of life cycles. This book explores how eleven creatures—including favorites like the piranha, the river dolphin, the trout, the grizzly bear, and the otter—are interrelated in three river food chains. Along with a clear explanation of each lifecycle, Life Cycles: River by Sean Callery highlights three key facts about each animal, and color-codes the food chains for easy navigation. The beautiful photography, accessible design, and age-appropriate writing make this the perfect introduction to understanding the delicate balance of life in a river ecosystem.

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