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by David Lapham David Lapham's Stray Bullets is a dark, explosive, character-driven crime series, praised for its harrowing portrayal of contemporary life. This volume collects four complete stories from this groundbreaking series: A notebook, full of despair, plunges a detective into a bizarre kidnapping where the victim is just a lost and forgotten pawn in a story of blackmail and love. A stolen gun gives a best friend a chance to shine, and proves that a happy ending is only determined by where the story ends. A joyous reunion, full of balloons and cake, will signal the end of the salad days for a wealthy socialite unless swift and inhuman action is taken. They say you can't go home again, but the law says differently, and a young girl running from a 12-foot-tall, 800-pound Bazzloomis will be forced back into its salivating maw and be swallowed whole...

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