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by Robert Bacal "If you aren't playing an active role in your performance appraisals, how can you possibly get anything good out of it?

You can't. It's that simple. You don't run a marriage that way — waiting for your spouse to "do something to you". Why would you do it at work?

Managers can't do it all, even if they are skilled. It's your job and your career, so work with your supervisor to create a better work environment. Be a real player in your own job success.
But how?

Performance appraisal discussions (and for that matter all of the steps in performance management) provide a forum for genuine, constructive discussion of job performance. You can use this opportunity to:

* review what happened, and identify barriers to your success
* enlist the help of your manager to become a better, happier employee
* clarify your responsibilities and authority levels (what decisions can you make)
* discuss sensitive issues like salary, promotion, job enrichment

Be Active

Be Constructive

Be Involved

Be Successful

But You Have To Do It Well!

Like anything else, it takes some skill to become a constructive, active participant in performance appraisals and to take control of your career. It takes some forethought, a little bit of planning, and an understanding of what performance appraisal should be all about. Managers need to keep up their end (and we have tools for them), but you need to step up.
The good news... that we've created a tool that you can read and digest in less than an hour that will help you reduce the discomfort of performance appraisals and increase success. Getting The Most From Performance Appraisals will walk you through how to plan for your meeting, what to say, questions to ask, and HOW to talk constructively.

We've created a truly unique aid aimed at helping employees be active and constructive participants in the appraisal process. The principles and behaviors suggested in this helpcard complement those included in the helpcards aimed at managers.

Here's a list of what's included:

* Appraisals - An Imperfect Process
* What's Appraisal For?
* Where Are The Benefits
* What Makes Performance Appraisal Work?
* Preparing For the Review/Appraisal Meeting
* During The Appraisal Meeting
* Surviving Silly Forms
* When You Disagree

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