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by Sally Lee 1.) Too Pickly! by Jean Reidy 2012

2.) I chose this book because it takes the opposite approach to teaching kids about eating healthy. The little boy is picky and does not like vegetables. Many students will be able to connect to this little boy. The little boy learns a very important lesson!

3.) Description

4.) A strategy that could be used is a KWL chart. Before reading both books, students could brainstorm what they know about healthy foods and discuss what they want to know. Post reading both books, students can discuss what they learned.

I would have students think about common foods that were identifies between the two books. While reading the book, "Too Picky," I would have students suggest fruits and vegetables from "Healthy Snacks, Healthy You!" that would be a better choice for the little boy. We would spend alot of time making text to self connections between the books and the students. It would lead into a great discussion about how everyone is different and we all have different likes and dislikes.

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