(Birth) Day of the Dead (Birth) Day of the Dead (The Red Sun Rises Series, book 2.5) PDF

by Victoria Kinnaird It's been a while since Eren Anderson stirred up a bit of trouble. As he prepares to celebrate his 21st birthday, the leader of the nature-worshipping secret society The Order of Our Mother approaches him to ask a pretty big favour. A spate of vampire attacks in Mexico has stunned the Oaxaca branch of The Order and a startling discovery leads them to believe the creatures are planning to attack on Día De Los Muertos. With Andy, Jasper and vampire non-boyfriend Corbijn in tow, Eren heads to Mexico to take on the cihuateteo, and if he's (un)lucky, he might even come face to face with the God of Hell himself...

"(Birth) Day of the Dead" is a brand new short story set between "The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash", the second book in Victoria Kinnaird's bestselling YA paranormal romance series and "The Red Sun Rises: Seven Letters" which will be released in January 2015. Although "(Birth) Day of the Dead" features characters from "The Red Sun Rises Series", it can be read as a standalone short story.

The ebook edition contains the new short story, along with brand new character artwork by Alexis Shellard and an exclusive look at the first chapter of "The Red Sun Rises: Seven Letters".

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