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by Steven T. Seagle Kafka, while not based on a work by the famous writer, still tells a mind-bending story of a man on the run.One day Daniel Hutton receives a couple visitors telling him his cover is blown and he must go with them.Almost immediately, an identical pair show up with the same credentials and the same story, and Dan is on the run, hopefully to save the wife he hasn't seen for a while.

Dan is a member of A.C.T and he is able to make people believe things that aren't true.He can hide his appearance, or fake identification.Because of his talent, he is highly sought, but Dan just wants out, and wants a life with his wife.

This is a reprint (and retouch) of a story first published in the late 1980s.The story behind this is very interesting and included at the end of the story.The present is told in black and white panels and flashbacks are handled in color.It makes for an interesting idea, and perhaps why Sir Kenneth Branagh is interested in developing it for television.It was a good read, and considering how tight the original production schedule was to create it, quite well done.

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