The Mystery of the Rogues' Reunion (The Three Investigators, #40) PDF

by Marc Brandel There’s not much that causes Jupiter Jones to be embarrassed about himself. He knows he’s intelligent, and while he isn’t the most athletic fellow, he isn’t really bothered by his tubby figure. The one thing that does embarrass him is the very memory of the role he played as a child actor – the role of Baby Fatso in the Wee Rogues TV show. He does all he can to forget the show ever even existed.

But thanks to a re-run of the show on TV, Jupiter’s former fame has caught up to him. All the kids at school have begun to call him Baby Fatso and even the other Two Investigators, Bob Andrews and Pete Crenshaw, are delighted to watch the show and witness Jupiter squirm. But the past really comes to life when Milton Glass invites Jupter to a reunion of the Wee Rogues and an accompanying Wee Rogues quiz show. Jupiter agrees, but only because he believes that this will be his chance to prove to the other actotrs that he isn’t just a tubby fathead.

But when Jupe arrives on set, he discovers that he isn’t the only one with ulterior motives – other members of the Rogues are acting oddly. Can Jupiter ensure that fair play rules during the quiz show?


Okay, so I really enjoyed this story. I’ve enjoyed all of the Three Investigators stories that I’ve read so far, but this was just such a fun twist on their usual case.

Usually Jupe displays his brilliance and mental prowess without a lurch – he is the Holmes of the group, the true intellect. But in this story, he has to face his fair share of humiliation. Apart from his pain, the image of Jupe as a child actor was also a fun one for me as a reader to contemplate, and his best friends definitely rib him as much as he deserves.

Conclusion. Really super-duper fun. :)

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