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by Joel Sparks We Are Dust is a collection of short stories inspired by Our Last Best Hope, an RPG published by Magpie Games. In the game, players work together to try to save Humanity from a terrible Crisis...

When the world ends, how will we feel?

Will the apocalypse come like a thief in the night, leaving us blind and alone, struggling against the darkness? Or will we greet the end of humanity like noble warriors, striving to forestall our doom no matter the cost?

Will we survive? Will we triumph? Will we matter?

Within these pages are tales with answers to these questions, stories from the edge of humanity, the end of existence: time travelers jetting back to save the Earth before it was born, lonely scientists unmaking the disaster summoned by their own hubris, and college kids who love and fight as the Earth gets ready to die.

Look closely, and we might just see ourselves...

Edited by Mark Diaz Truman and featuring the works of:

Matthew McFarland
Monica Valentinelli
Will Hindmarch
J.R. Blackwell
Jason Corley
Eddy Webb
Joel Sparks
Crysa Leflar
Rob Wieland
Pete Woodworth
Jess Hartley

For more about Our Last Best Hope, please visit www.magpiegames.com/OLBH

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