Comic Stories About Love & Heartbreak PDF

by Elbert Or Quick read.

10 short love stories in comics form. Most of the stories are passable.

Two are amazing (5 stars):

I'm so Alone by Carlos Reyes and Elbert Or for using parallel storytelling about 4 lives with broken or sad (alone) hearts. Imagine telling 4 beautiful (yet a bit disturbing) stories with only 8 frames each. Brilliant.

Walking by Fidelis Tan and Mary Ranises for reminding us what love should be all about. It's about taking the risk of being in love, telling the other person what you fell, the other person accepting you. Then you get married. You raise children together. You grow old together. One dies and the other one lives a miserable life until he/she dies too. Then your body gets decayed and your grandchildren don't even know your names. Love is about being together in this journey called life. It's living up to your lifelong commitment of to love and to cherish / for richer or for poorer / in sickness or in health / till death do us part. For me, that's what love is all about.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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