Lexie's First Time (Borrowed Billionaire 0.5; Billionaire Novelist 0.5) PDF

by Mimi Strong Before Lexie met her billionaire, Luthor Thorne, she was once a high school virgin, desperate to be touched.

Eager and curious about being with a real-life boy, as opposed to her go-to imaginary hunk Freddie Prinze Jr., she meets up with an unlikely candidate, and has a first time, of sorts.

She gains confidence, but not quite all the experience she was seeking.

That summer, between high school and college, she takes a job with a family friend, cleaning cabins.

She meets a man who's trying to write his first detective novel, but seems more interested in getting to know his housekeeper. He's still going by the first name of David, but Lexie convinces him to use his much sexier middle name, and become Smith Wittingham.

Smith Wittingham's first act as a new author is to help alleviate young Lexie of her ... curiosity.

Lexie's First Time is a 10,500 WORD SHORT STORY. (About 42 pages.) The events take place 8 years before the beginning of Lexie's series, Borrowed Billionaire, and 9 years before Smith's series, Billionaire Novelist. There are also appearances by characters from The Ice Cream Shop Boy.

This tale may be read as a stand-alone short story.

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