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by Deirdre V. Lovecky Truly a GREAT resource for teachers, counselor, parents. Please don’t let the “gifted” titled fool you since this is a book for everyone with these disorders – specifically Asperger’s and AD/HD. I thought I knew a lot about these issues, but this book completely opened up my mind. One of best aspects of this book is that the author not only focuses on areas of weaknesses (while offering SPECIFIC strategies to overcome them), but she also focuses on the many strengths that people with these problems possess. We tend to focus on their deficits or weaknesses, which can overshadow the person’s strengths. Lovecky shows how you can use the person’s areas of strengths and to enhance weaknesses. I also really appreciate the bulleted list of strategies broken down for specific issues. For example, you can look up how to manage emotional outbursts or friendship issues for kids with AD/HD vs. kids with Asperger’s and learn how to help these children.
While the author does talk about gifted kids, you will learn so much about AD/HD and Asperger’s Syndrome in general from reading this book. I highly, highly recommend it!

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