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by Georges Wolinski
One aspect of the attack on Charlie Hebdo which is perhaps under-appreciated by those outside France is how well-known were some of the cartoonists gunned down. The people in those white body-bags were among the best known satirical cartoonists in the country – a country, let's not forget, where cartoons are treated as a serious art form in a way that's quite different from the UK or US; it's rather as though Gary Trudeau, Steve Bell and Art Spiegelman had all just been herded into a room together and slaughtered.

Wolinski was one of my guilty favourites. A perpetual ne'er-do-well, unhealthily obsessed with women and with his own disreputableness, his tone always reminded me of a Gallic Robert Crumb, and when I lived in France I used to tear through his strips in the Echo des savannes with a mixture of shock at his subjects and admiration for how efficiently his deft scrawl-like sketches got the message across.

Eighty years old when he was shot, his libido and appreciation for stupid jokes had shown zero signs of flagging, and despite the relentless self-examination in many of his later strips, as a cartoonist he seemed as full of piss and vinegar as he had when he first elbowed his way on to the scene during the student revolts of May '68. From a family of North African Jews, he always had something of the air of an outsider. The stupidity of targeting someone like this is almost beyond comprehension, particularly since the gleeful unseriousness of his entire body of work is, to me, a more powerful and lasting argument than any idiotic act of terrorism could ever hope to be in its wildest, most Wolinskiesque dreams.

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