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by Andrew White Andrew White, 'the Vicar of Baghdad', is often in danger from bombs and bullets as he workstirelessly for peace and reconciliation in Iraq. Endlessly traveling between Britain, America and the Middle East (and coping with his own worsening multiple sclerosis), he is only too well acquainted with the violence and duplicity of the adult world. What keeps him going? Many people are surprised by his answer: 'Children. Children who love me and children I love.'

In this remarkable book, he reflects for the first time on his own children and tells stories of the children, from the trauma of the Bethlehem and Baghdad to the tranquility of Hampshire and North Carolina, who sustain him, teach him wisdom and reveal God to him.

Canon Andrew White is President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. He is the Anglican chaplain to Iraq, based at St. George's Church, Baghdad, and Anglican Episcopal chaplain to its International Zone.

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