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by Pat Perrin Have you ever seen a unicorn?
Though rare, they’re out there. In China, if you’re very lucky, you might see the K’i-lin, a unicorn considered to bring great fortune. Mist and Rain Fader unicorns are said to love the waterfalls of South America. And, rumor has it that unicorns have even been glimpsed in New York’s Central Park. In The Secret World of Unicorns, young readers will discover where they live, what they eat (some eat clouds and rainbows!), and how to decipher mysterious unicorn hoof markings. This gorgeously illustrated book features scrapbook pages, postcards, news clips, and treasured mementos that weave a charming tale of these magical horned beasts. Best of all, the book features 4 collectible unicorn figurines to inspire the imagination of young readers.

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