The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan #1) PDF

by D.S. Allen No one goes into The Headmaster’s Cave.
The 120th anniversary of the disappearance of seven children and their Headmaster in a local cave known as The Headmaster’s Cave is approaching. When George and Dougie receive an unexpected email stating that the mystery has finally been solved, not even Dougie and Katie can persuade George to journey with them to the dangerous and ‘haunted’ cave. Only when Dougie goes missing, will George and Katie, accompanied with his dog, Flanagan, journey to rescue their friend.
On their way, they must not only battle their fears, but must also overcome nature’s obstacles, Old Maggie and her dog pack, and the local bullies. But that’s nothing compared to the terror that awaits them in The Headmaster’s Cave, when the mystery is finally revealed.

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