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by Christine M. Field This was very useful to me, mostly because I could quickly go through and see which skills my children had and which ones we needed to work on.I don't agree with everything in it, but many of the life skills I had not thought of, myself, up to that point (my oldest was 12 when I read it).I did take to heart the idea that homemaking skills should be in place by age 14; it has since been my experience that young people older than 14 usually want to spend many hours on what they're passionate about doing, rather than on learning homemaking skills (dishes, laundry, toilet cleaning).The housework stuff needs to be learned before that age if possible.I'm not talking about being happy and singing while doing every job; that's something I can't even do and I'm their parent!I'm talking about, do they know how to do it safely and well when they have to?The motivation to do it consistently will come when they have their own homes... at least, that's when it kicked in for me, mostly.

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