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by John Waller You love Greece? How about the Greek workmen?

Fancy living in the sun? Read Corfu Sunset first.

Just retired John Waller and his Danish wife decide to renovate their near-derelict holiday home. They gain control from their neighbour who has pumped sewage on their land. In a frenetic summer they build a road up the mountain and a pool, veranda and new roof for their villa. A party is held to celebrate a great Greek victory.

The Evening Standard said: "Delightful episodes and characters emerge from the pages of Corfu Sunset. A highly amusing account of the highs and lows of property ownership abroad with the attention to detail that puts most travel authors in the shade."

The Daily Mail said: "Corfu Sunset is essential reading for anyone thinking of moving abroad to a place in the sun, revealing with panache and passion the rewards and drawbacks of buying property in a remote but warm outpost of southern Europe."

About the Author
John Waller, born in 1940, went to Cambridge University, founded a successful computer company, was Liberal parliamentary candidate for Twickenham and has written 6 books and 2 plays since 2000.

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