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by Richard Feldstein "Within a fabric of hope and tragedy, promises and betrayals, The Loss of Innocence introduces an epic tale among its three major characters of revenge and greed, war and intrigue, and the struggles between government and religion.

The Loss of Innocence explores the effects of childhood psychological trauma and the methods by which different individuals respond in their own unique ways. Joe Horgon, Morthuza the High Priest, and Chardin must each overcome their childhood expectations that become shattered by the choices they make or others make for them. As adults, they will be held responsible for their actions and the effects of these on all those around them. The backdrop for this is the clash of cultures between the simple people of Torkos and the powerful Unified Territories. What begins as a big country seeking to capture and devour a smaller prey, turns into a war between good and evil, between governments and religion in which everyone may end up a loser."

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