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by Ethel Turner A random find on my bookshelves - god knows how long it's lurked there. Apparently published in 1914 as well as my copy being a Christmas present to someone IN 1914, so it's an antique of sorts. Its main interest lies in the difference between reading early twentieth century fiction set in Australia compared to everywhere else. It seems like some social norms were slightly relaxed (re: sea surfing), presumably because of the heat.

Flower, the titular character, is an Anne Shirley wannabe whose angelic influence on others is referenced rather than shown. In fact, the only times we see her in action she's quite irritating - the time she goes downtown and spends a load of dosh on a merry go round, for example. The 'tragedy' of the central characters is rendered ridiculous by the reluctance of the author to really commit to the potential for awfulness. There was also a gross interlude of racism regarding the Japanese servant Yoshida, who was massively more capable than the five others put together but was damned simply due to his ethnicity. It was a very quick read, at least.

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