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by Dana Fuller Ross An unqueanchable thirst for adventure & the promise of easy riches brought them to the muddy waters of the mighty Missouri River. Its majestic steamboats offered a new way West for pioneers & traders, gamblers & thieves, proper young ladies & dance hall girls...while along the river bank, war-painted Sioux & ruthless bandits waited in murderous ambush to take the riverboats' wealth & women for their own.

MISSOURI! Where the legendary wagon master Whip Holt once gathered his Conestoga wagons for the slow journey west, now railroads race across the land, & steamboats travel the wide "Muddy Water" w/ new settlers & new dreams. To strong men like Whip Holt's son Toby falls the dangerous job of hunting down rampaging outlaws & Indians. With young army cadet Hank Blake & loyal Chief Running Bear, Holt & his blazing rifle would challenge train robbers & gunrunners...a beautiful lady would become the shameful stakes in a contest between a con man & an Englishman...& a growing nation would fight for its glorious future w/ the blood & bravery of the extraordinary men & women whose journey westward began at MISSOURI!

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