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by Gregory Jonathan Scott Love at first site grips two hearts, locks two souls and instantly connects them seamlessly.

Fast love begins on the diamond field where Gabriel unexpectedly encounters the man he’s only heard about. During a brief musical performance that starts his game, he quickly grows more aware of the lead singer with electrifying blue eyes, a striking smile and a body fit for more than just dancing to the thump of a distant drumbeat. Instantly he senses a link with the man behind the music unlike any he’s ever felt before.

By force of nature and during his song, Alec James is stimulated by palpitations of the heart when the center man of the baseball field looks his way and smiles. He falls in love with the pitcher even before their hearts have a chance to trade places. A song and a game executes a rock solid love affair between these two men who meet one another by chance.

Though building their life of love together, Gabriel and AJ merge with obstacles that cartwheel in and out of their path, and their romance becomes tangled with criminal suspense. While balancing newfound love and their iconic careers, they clash with distractions that spiral around them, one speeding up right after the other. In the course of it all, Gabriel and AJ refuse to give up on love and unprecedented male bonding.

A finale so unexpected breaks open when another spiraling event takes a shocking turn.

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