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by Gill Hines How parents of bright and challenging children between 8 and 12 can identify and handle areas of concern, and prepare for the challenges of the teen years When parents find themselves answering yes to such questions as Can your child run rings around you, and always have the last word? Is your child strong-willed and very independent for his or her age? Do they refuse to take "no" for an answer?, it is likely that they have a "bright and challenging" child. While there are many positives to parenting such children, it can also be very demanding. This guide, designed specifically for the parents of young children who are independent, risk-taking, and hard to rein in, will explain why it is important to set and reinforce boundaries, and how to do so. It also identifies the issues and risks that such children may face, and helps parents to prepare for them. Parents will also learn how they and their child can discuss sensitive issues together, such as sex and drugs, and will learn how to help their child to be more aware of the needs of others.

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