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by Angeline Hawkes Mei Lin Chang never had an easy life. As a teenager, she hid in a corner as her immigrant parents were brutally murdered. Abducted and sold into prostitution, Mei Lin did what she had to do to survive. She clawed her way from the muck of the streets to the position of business woman. As Madam Chang, she ran the most prosperous brothel in Telluride, Colorado. Oh, sure the sign hanging on the front of the building with its red and gold dragon read, ‘Saloon’, but it only took a foot through the red-painted doors to see there were no gaming tables – the only thing sold at the Red Dragon was liquor and sex – and Madam Chang had the most beautiful women in the West. Any color, any size – she had them. Beautiful, clean, ready-to-ride-you whores.

But Mei Lin has a secret as unique as her jade green eyes. Deep inside her dwells an ancient monstrosity that is passed through the bloodline from her to her child. Even if she can struggle to tame the beast within to use for good, will the monster inside her offspring destroy all she has worked so hard to gain?

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