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by Paul Anderson A New Medical Mystery Thriller –

A medical mystery thriller with a strong conspiracy thread is the debut novel of author Paul Anderson.Compared by The Australian to the works of Dan Brown and Steig Larsson, this debut novel traces the events of a son travelling back from Adelaide to Cape Town to investigate his father's murder.Christian de Villier's journey of discovery centres on his father's liver transplant unit—but the story takes an intriguing twist when Christian uncovers documents buried in the back garden of the house which he grew up in.The documents implicate his father in some of the worst atrocities of the apartheid government.

Christian's discovery quickly becomes frightening, as much of his father's research on genetic manipulation is unpublished and still of great value.The National Intelligence Agency of post-apartheid South Africa also learns of Christian’s discovery and is determined that such embarrassing research will never see the light of day. The modern day South African government fears publication of the research will implicate foreign governments such as Israel and France who covertly supported apartheid Africa in return for research information on germ warfare and nuclear fusion.

While trying to establishing his father’s role in the gene research programmeChristian meetsIsabella, who decides to join Christian’s journey of discovery .Both then attract the attention not only of the National Intelligence Agency but of a covert white supremacist group determined to secure Christian’s father's research to promote their aims of a future white South Africa.They are captured and held hostage in an old converted mine and interrogated for the code which would unlock their father’s genetic research.

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