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by Meisha Camm Pre-Reading- Before I read the book, I knew this was going to be a good book, based on the last book I read. Just by looking at the book cover, it seems like it's going to be about a young girl and her life. I believe this book will keep me attached to it.

During Reading-This book have really grabed a hold on me. I cant stop reading it for nothing in the world. There are so many different situations that goes on in this book. Although it's fiction, it feels very real to me. I really cant relate to the story, but I can feel where the characters are from. The theme of the story is to always keep your head up and dont let nothing keep you from getting what you need.

After Reading- This book really got to me. its tells me that all the different situations that goes on in the stories are true and it could be a every day thing. It made me think twice about how greatful I should be with my life and the things I have. This book had a really good ending to it. The character's life started off as them getting abuse an d negleted from their single mother's to them having a successful life and making something out their lives.This book has a series and every since I have the first book, I have being buying the other volumes.I would reccommend this book to teens who might go through the same problems in the stories. They might could learn how to be strong no matter what they might go through. Always keep your head up and believe that you are somebody and that you could be something in life, maybe the next billionaire.
-I Give It 10 Stars-

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