Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (Great Courses, #3588) PDF

by Bob Brier Dr Brier's conversational style in this brief summary of just some of the characters from the long history of ancient Egypt is both engaging and fascinating.His 48 lecture History of Ancient Egypt was the first lecture series (DVD) that I purchased, preceding a trip to Egypt from Cairo to Aswan, and was helpful in keeping the fabulous remains of this civilization in perspective.This 12 lecture (audio download) was available on sale so I took that opportunity to use the lectures as a type of review of some of the high points (Egypt-lite).From the start Dr Brier captures your attention with (My Man) Snefru, later through the mystery of Tutankhamen (no, he wasn't murdered), and finally to the trials of Cleopatra...Bob is right there on the treadmill with you, describing some of the most interesting times in the ancient world.
Great little won't be disappointed.

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