Dial Emmy for Murder (Soap Opera Mystery, #2) PDF

by Eileen Davidson This is the second book in the Soap Opera Mystery Series written by a long-time soap actress herself.

Now, the first was good, and this one a little better.Maybe it's just that first book think, that you seem to find the second book better.

Alex is still our lead, and she is a little more open to the reader and other people in this one, and we gets hits of her ex-husband Randy in this book, and that proves to be exciting and the idea of Randy in the next book is what is making me want to read the next book.

Detective Jakes is a nicer verison of himself and more interested in Alex, believes in her more and wants to date her. Sometimes I felt that masked the whole Detective part and that he was believing in her thoughts too much, it didn't ring true to the personality of a Detective.

Paul, the former police officer and boyfriend gets let down easy in this book. Alex tried, but kept him at an arms length the whole relationship and it finally got to be too much, enter also Jakes who is pulling her attention and the relationship was doomed.

I think it's Alex's belief that she has to do it herself, no let anyone else in and do it alone that is so off-putting. Now, if we learn more about ex Randy in the next book, maybe I will understand it more, but I just think she has a mixed up view, that she should rely on people more.

But after all that is said, I still want to read the next book in the series, with teasers that Randy may appear in the next book, I want to find out about that one. It was good, there was more intrigue and twists in this one, in all I felt the second book was a better written book. So again I will recommend it and withhold overall judgement for another book.

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