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by Malcolm David Eckel More lectures I listen to while I'm driving: This series was twenty-four lectures and very thorough and engaging, covering the spread of Buddhism from India into Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, southeast Asia and Sri Lanka.I was impressed by the influence of Buddhism, growing out of Hinduism and interacting with Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism.No corner of Asia is untouched, unless it be some corner of Siberia.

In the detailed descriptions of Buddhist schools, I was interested to note a dozen or more parallels to the history of western philosophy.For example, one school asserted no positions, but adopted the method of assuming opponents' positions and showing the absurdities which resulted.This approach parallels Socrates' style, and the logical method of reductio ad absurdam.The many parallels were fascinating and led me to believe that some movements of thought are perennial and transcend individual cultures.

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