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by Clarice Clique BDSM Erotica. With her 30th birthday just 10 days away, Vanessa impulsively has sex with one her male roommates. The sex is good, but the rash move immediately sends her life spiraling into a crisis. She's living in a flat with several guys, going nowhere with her career, and while her dreams are filled with vivid sexual imaginings, she's done little but drift aimlessly, without enjoying any real passion. Desperate for advice, she turns to her friend Penelope, a polished, controlled professional woman, who on hearing her friend's sad tale, makes a startling announcement. Certain that she has the cure for what ails her friend, Penelope decides to take charge of Vanessa until her thirtieth birthday. While Vanessa is initially skeptical, she easily consents to Penny's scheme and signs a written agreement confirming her decision. Once the agreement is signed, Vanessa must obey Penelope regardless of her reservations and can expect to be punished if she fails to do as she's told. She's immediately ordered to strip before strangers, then forced to give a blow job to one of Penny's associates. Later she's spanked for calling her boyfriend Steve without permission, and then taught the right way to give a blowjob by Penny's friend, the beautiful redhead Scarlet. As the assignments continue, Vanessa's sexual desires soar. She learns to submit. She learns to dominate. She becomes the main entertainment at a wild sexual party, where men and women use her, just as she's always imagined in her sexy daydreams. When she brings Steve into her new sexual world, Vanessa is surprised how easily he takes on a submissive role, while her own desires to dominate begin to flower. The story of Vanessa's sexual awakening is a wild and rollicking erotic ride, featuring a variety of sexual kink, including scenes of male and female domination, male and female submission.

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