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by Darren Humphries Forrest Gump said that life was like a box of chocolates and you never knew what you were going to get. Clearly he had never looked inside the lid or consulted those little cards you get in the fancier boxes that tell you exactly what you’re going to get.

This collection of short stories are like Forrest's chocolates (no not sticky and half-melted) - a varied mix of light and dark, of sweet and sour, soft and hard-centred. Some are longer than others whilst some are shorter. Some are thoughtful and some are just fun. Some have already been available on the internet, some have never been seen before. This is, however, the only place where they have been gathered together in one place.

The world will end (possibly more than once), men will hear the voice of God, nature will fight back, technology will threaten and be misused, vampires will be born (or will they?), gifts will be given and aliens will make contact.

Oh, and a death in Oxford's Bodleian Library will bring Agent Ward's past back to bite him in the exclusive short story THE MAN FROM UNDEAD'S SCHOOLDAYS.

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