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by Pascale Lemire Based on the runaway web phenomenon (, Dog Shaming features the most hilarious, most shameful, and never-before-seen doggie misdeeds.

Our dogs are our best friends. They are always happy to see us. They comfort us in our times of need. They also eat our shoes, stain our carpets, and embarrass us in front of our guests.

Dog owners everywhere have found their outlet in Dog Shaming, where they can confess their dogs' biggest (and often grossest!) sins, which turn out to be recognizably universal—complete with snapshots of ridiculously cute but shamed pups who don't seem capable of humping humans, pooping on pillows, or snagging steak straight from a grill.

So share in the shaming and laugh through your frustration as Dog Shaming reminds us that unconditional love goes both ways.

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