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by Richard Bausch Ah yes, I found a fun and cute story, by Jean Shepherd, the author of the well known story," A Christmas Story," called, "Lost at C." It is told from the perspective of a kid and is hilariously funny. It reminded me of my school days.

Want to read more Flannery O'Connor. She has a nice southern story tellers voice. Read "A Good Man is Hard to Find." It was good, suspenseful, yet as with most short stories, has a disturbing ending!Doesn't anyone write short stories with satisfying, or positive endings?

Didn't like Richard Bausch's "Byron the Lyron." Boring. about a woman and her weird relationship with her son, and her son's weird relationship with her male P.T. Too emo!

I Liked Capote's "Miriam."It had great characters and an intriguing plot.

I liked Shirley Jackson's, "The Lottery," though it was a disturbing story of human cruelty.

Didn't like Bartholeme's "Me and Miss Mandible." Just too weird, a man in a sixth grade class room. That's a nightmare!

I will borrow this book from the library again in the future.

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