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by Céleste Perrino-Walker "There's something going on back at the clinics I don't like, Toby."
"What kind of something?" They had started to amble toward the mission compound where when Toby stopped and turned to Davy, searching his face.
"Not another outbreak?"
If Davy had been able to see the cluster of demons around them at that very minute, he would have shaken with terror. The feeling, far from being in his imagination, was something the demons had been working on, under the supervision of Sparn and Lucien, for months.


The angels who had been following close to Jimmy Raynard since the accident raised their noble heads and gazed into a distance only they could see, their eyes alive with anticipation and happiness. Nog was just able to shield his eyes and pull himself out of range before a luminous light filled the entire room with a soft, soughing sounds, like wind through pine branches on a clear spring day, a promise of renewal.
It is the Holy Spirit, that great interferer, Nog though stormily as he watched,... He could see Billie Jo still crying, could tell she was praying silently. After studying human beings for so many centuries, he could always tell. He grimaced.

Prayer Warriors: The Final Chapter brings Céleste perrino Walker's epic story of prayer and spiritual warfare to a dramatic close. In tradition of Prayer Warriors and Guardians, The Final Chapter gives behind-the-scenes glimpses of angelic activity initiated by the prayers of their charges. The threat of infidelity, a hostage taking in the mission field, a tragic detour through the valley of the shadow of death - these and other experiences await Davy and Shay, Billie Jo Raynard, Cindi, and others as they wrestle with unseen powers and struggle to hold onto their faith.
This concluding chapter in the Prayer Warriors trilogy will convince you of the truth that we stand tallest when we are on our knees.

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