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by Monica Jackson I so wanted to like this book. I love mountains and who couldn't resist a book about women climbing, especially before women really were acknowledged as explorers.

I rated this book so low because it was really quite...boring! I struggled to pick it up and read through the pages. The book was written in a way that read like someone's day-to-day diary. You heard what it was like at camp, and what the sherpas did, and what they ate, etc. But I never got a great sense of what it was like to be out exploring, to be the first one to a place, to name glaciers, correct maps and be among mountains. The writing was not poetic or inspiring.
They mention photographs throughout the entire expedition, but hardly show any of these.

I wish I could have rated it higher, but it was a great thing these women accomplished. I admire their efforts and wise decisions they encountered with no males telling them what to do.

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