American Slave - The Torture, Cruelty and Mistreatment of African American Slaves PDF

by Stephen Ashley SLAVERY IN AMERICAN - A TRUE STORY. This is the true story of the torture, cruelty and mistreatment of African American Slaves. A collection of raw and emotive interviews with African American Slaves who recount the cruel and unusual treatment they were subjected to during the dark days of American slavery. A time when the whipping of slaves was expected, the rape of slave women common and murder was used as a tool to control. Including interviews with men and women slaves who lived through this period and who either witnessed or where themselves subjected to unimaginable cruelty, mistreatment and torture at the hands of their masters, overseers and patrollers. These vivid and sometimes graphic recollections by the ex-slaves themselves transport the reader back to the days when slave lives were inseparably bound to those of their masters. Mistreatment at the hands of their masters and the watchdog overseers was not always the exception but for some was a daily part of slave lives, including the mistreatment of slave children. The barbarous treatment some received is beyond equal, for a mother, father, daughter or son being forced to watch a relative being beaten, whipped or tortured, sometimes to death, is beyond our comprehension. This is American Slave History as told by those that lived through it, the ex-slaves themselves. "My marster had a barrel with nails drove in it that he would put you in when he couldn't think of nothin' else mean enough to do. He would put you in this barrel and roll it down a hill. When you got out you would be in a bad fix, but he didn't care. Sometimes he rolled the barrel in the river and drowned his slaves." Another Title in the 'American Slave' Series of books on American Slavery.

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