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by Eric Burton Going Places teaches beginning ESL students the language they need for everyday activities at work, at home, and in the community. Students relate easily to the drawings, and are inspired to talk naturally about the everyday situations the pictures show.With Going Places, students hear new vocabulary in a comprehensible and personalized context, which lays the foundation for learning and producing English.

What's more, Going Places emphasizes communicative competence. The twenty-seven units in each book are structured to promote listening, speaking, reading, writing, and lifeskills.

In addition, Going Places:
— Presents a slow-paced grammatical syllabus designed to bolster students' sense of accomplishment.
— Features a visually based presentation of new language.
— Provides extensive vocabulary development that gives students a broad foundation.
— Includes a variety of learning activities for additional reinforcement, including extra grammar practice, notes, expansion exercises, and task listening activities.
— Covers the competencies teachers are often required to integrate into their classes.

Going Places components:
— The Teacher's Resource Book includes step-by-step, detailed lesson plans and enrichment activities designed to save teacher preparation time.
— Audiocassettes contain numerous listening activities and dialogues that present realistic communication spoken by a variety of voices.
— Reproducible Flashcards

Reproducible blackline masters of illustrations from the Student Books help bring the classroom alive

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